Saturday, November 29, 2008

Make Money Online: Page Title SEO

You have your site all setup but no-one is visiting! That is where you need SEO - search engine optimization. You can pay money to a SEO expert but it is also possible to do it yourself, FREE.

There is much debate about whether the domain name should include one of your main keywords. I look at it as another little plus in our SEO plan. So if you have a domain name without one of your main keywords you can still use these tips.

We are using our other site as an example.

So we have our three popular main keywords for our zippo store:
zippo lighters
zippo tricks
zippo collections

If you look closely all contain the word “zippo”. This is to make things easy when we look at off page ranking, which we will talk about in future blogs.

First thing we need to look at is the page title. The page title should only include our main keywords. Try not to use too many words as Google will give more weight to each of your keywords and you will rank higher.

Please, the page title should not say, “Welcome to our website”. Also do not use say ” zippo lighters and zippo tricks and zippo collections”. Though the last does contain our keywords it does looka little long.

So we will shorten it by doing this “zippo | zippo lighter tricks | collections. Notice We took out the “ands” and replaced them with a “|”. Also only used “zippo” twice for keyword densitity. When possible always combine your keywords to cut down on the total number of words used in your page title. When google looks at our title it will see all 3 of our keywords.

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