Friday, January 30, 2009

Building Adult Traffic. A Nugget of Wisdom 4 Ye.

I figured this would be of use to some of the adult folk who congregate in this forum, since many in the others think we are taboo.

1. Make one main super site or use a domain.
2. Sign up to sponsors that cater to a niche you understand and enjoy personally.
3. Sign up for Chameleon Submitter (or other submit programs). $24.95 mo.
4. Make new galleries out of the sponsor content provided. Do not use their pre-made. Everyone else is already doing that, and you will not get listed.
5. Submit using Chameleon. Link back to your main super site. Do this 7 days a week to start, eventually maybe back down to 4-5.
6. Arrange all your gal submits on that super site.

Yes. It will take time. So you may want to do 15-30 in advance before submitting to fill up your site. Although you can always mix in some sponsor galleries with your referral code if you like. Keep adding in more of your own daily. Even if only one or two. You drive traffic to your TGP or super site to gain traffic and book markers. Plus hopefully make some conversions.

Organize the submits by niche, sections. Over time you will have a nice super archive of stuff, plus traffic and bookmarkers.

Now that you have a hub, or main traffic stream,.. from there, launch new sites.

The main thing that you NEED TO DO to make it online (IMHO) is you need one site to launch from. For me, it was the celebrity site. Which is why I love the celebrity nice. Steady money, and traffic. I spun off every other site from that one by links, newsletter, and so on. Even if not adult, or foot related.

Having 200 small sites with sh&& traffic are not going to get you making money. I know that we've all thought that, but what you need is one, solid, launch pad site that either has... visitors... or makes money. Obviously, you'd prefer both.

What I did personally was try the various sites, and those I could make money on, I kept. Those that did not make me any real money, traffic, whatever I sold off. I've done that same thing over the years time and again. I may try a new niche, or market. Demo things, see if I can make money and how much. But then I sell it off, and keep those that do. Kinda like leap frogging.

One more thing, to make it online, adult or otherwise, since many do not have money to get rolling, buy super sites, or burn on traffic.... you are simply going to have to invest TIME. If you can't invest time, then you are going to fail, so you had might as well get on to failing right now.

Submitting galleries, link lists, and link building is a pain. Everyone hates it. Yes, everyone would like a short cut. But to 'cut' in this case, you need green (aka cash money). Many I've talked to, and helped have NO GREEN. Some are willing to do what it takes. Others keep talking about 'short cuts', and buying traffic, etc. But it's no surprise they fail.

Again, in IMHO, I would say that if you are just starting out in adult and have no 'hub site'. You should be investing 1-2 hours a day minimum building links, traffic trades, submitting galleries, free sites, and linking them up back to you. It will take you 3-6 months to see any real progress. Around the 9-12 month, if you are doing this every day, you should start to see some results and cash in. DO NOT GET LAZY. Keep going!

Eventually you will be able to leap frog to buy established sites, build your own, try different niches, and networks. But make sure you maintain your main "hub site". The one you launch from. Keep the traffic, UV, sales, whatever strong.

Sell off those things that do not work. You will find over time some sites you like working on, but they take more time, and generate you less money then other sites. Unless it's of personal interest to you. Sell it off.

I get a lot of PM, and ICQ from the board asking me to look at their sites, and give them pointers, and help. Some I have even talked to on the phone. Keep in mind however, a few tips and a few minutes are all I generally give. If you need more detailed help, run a search on here for my consulting help thread.

Yes. There are steps that I am leaving out. Yes, there are many variations to the above on ways to do things. But I am give giving you a few pointers. I am not your online Yoda. But I thought this would be useful to some of my friends in this forum.

Good luck.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

How To Know If You Are Getting CPM AdSense Ads??

How do you get CPM ads, indeed, what are CPM ads, and how can you tell if you are getting any on your site?

How Do You Get CPM Ads?
This is really very simple-you get CPM ads on your site if an AdWords advertiser, choosing to advertise with CPM ads, handpicks your site to advertise on. As AdSense help states:

Advertisers running CPM ads . . . select the specific sites on which to show their ads, and pay each time their ad appears.

Source: What are CPM ads? AdSense Help Center.

In the world of Google AdWords, the flip-side of AdSense, these ads are known as "site-targeted ads."

How Can You Tell If You Are Getting Any CPM Ads on Your Site?
You can very easily verify whether you are getting any CPM ads on your web site by using functionality built into AdSense's advanced reporting mechanism. Simply follow these instructions:

1. Log into your AdSense account
2. Click on the "Advanced Reports" link under the "Reports" tab
3. For the "Choose product" drop-down, make sure "AdSense for content" is selected
4. For the "Show data by" drop-down, mak sure you select "Individual Ad"
5. Check the box immediately below the "Show data by" drop-down, labeled "Show data by targeting type - contextual or site"
6. Select the Date Range you want to check for
7. Click the "Display Report" button
8. In the report results, you should see a column labeled "Targeting." If you are getting CPM ads, for some (or all) days you will see the word "Site" in this column, with a value in the "Ad Impressions" column. Any days that do not have a "Site" value as well as a "Contextual" value in the "Targeting" column did not get any CPM ads. (Note: "Contextual" in the "Targeting" column refers to the standard cost-per-click ads.)

Using this report, you can see that if you had some CPM.