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Affiliate Program Tutorial

1. Define goal:
To succeed you have to know input and output. If you know what you want and know what people want you will succeed. But at the beginining, you should achieve small successes first (300$ for example), see the money in your hands or in your bank account, and then increase your goals.

If you have much larger goals. That's OK. Whatever your goals, I strongly recommend that you serve your apprenticeship by taking all the steps. They'll give you solid knowledge and experience on which to build your affiliate business.

2. Find your niche.

As i said in first step, this step help you to find what you want. Find the niche that you have knowledge on it. And because you are planning for your business, you have to be patient and slowly. You should avoid some niche which have high competitive like makerting online, make money online... It is much easier to chose less competitive niche and you will succeed with those niche. And this niche must be easy for you to write. That's all.

3. Choose a profitable niche.
How to chose profitable niche? You can use google adword and word trackers. Do some research on Google AdWords and Wordtracker to choose the most profitable niche from among the ones you've chosen. Because you're planning to use AdSense, you want valuable keywords or key phrases, if possible ones that people are paying at least 50 cents per click for on Yahoo! Search Marketing and AdWords. You must find the keyword which people usually search this BEFORE you start building your web site. That's critically important.
You can also see how many people searched for the phrase the previous month. For a number of reasons, this figure is often unreliable and can be grossly exaggerated. That's why I double check results using Wordtracker.
Wordtracker's free trial is fairly limited. Fortunately, they allow you to subscribe cheaply for a day or a week at a time. It's very fast, so you can do an awful lot of keyword research in a day. I use the annual subscription now.
Go to Google's AdWords and find out how much advertisers are willing to pay for the keywords or key phrases you're interested in. You can do that by playing around with Google's free Keyword Tool.
For example, try putting in a keyword or phrase, such as "recipe" and click on "Get More Keywords". Pretend you're willing to pay the maximum per click the tool allows - 100. (It won't work properly if you ignore this.) Over on the right side of the page, make sure that "Cost and position estimates" is selected.
The tool will calculate for you the estimated average CPC (cost per click) for a whole lot of words and phrases. Try entering a different word, say "debt" or "hosting", click on "Re-calculate" and watch how the CPC changes.
You don't HAVE to choose a topic which has expensive keywords. Often topics that have expensive keywords are very competitive. You may do better choosing a less competitive niche with cheaper keywords.
Beware: If you choose certain topics, Google will not allow you to place AdSense ads on your site and you'll miss out on a very lucrative opportunity.
Such topics include gambling, firearms, ammunition, balisongs, butterfly knives, and brass knuckles; beer or alcohol; tobacco or tobacco-related products; and prescription drugs.
For a full list of topics you may wish to avoid see:
Publishers can choose to have their ads displayed only on Google or also on a large network of sites. Will AdSense ads you see on Google appear your pages? To get an idea, find web pages that have material similar to the content you're planning to create and look at their AdSense ads. You can also use AdSense's preview tool to see which ads are being displayed to people in different countries.

4. Research affiliate merchants.
Do research to see if there are suitable affiliate merchants which match your topic. You want ones that have excellent products, excellent reputations and sites that look as though they're good at selling. The good place is forum digital point. You can ask community whatever you want.

5. Build a useful, interesting web site on your niche.
Content is king. To make money, you have to have content. So how can we get content? Is it not difficult. First find the information from google, news, blogs. After getting enough information, write article. Use image to illustrate and then you have a article about the niche you chose. The skill you need is sumary and analysis. Chose hot topic from newspaper.
Note: do not try to copy totally 100% other article. If you do it, google search engine will push you back. You will never on google search and no visitors ==> no money.
Another point is you have to write for target audience. Define target audience first and then write a post.

6. Add affiliate links.
As you write the articles for your site, weave affiliate links into them. Always have a typical visitor in mind as you write the articles. Speak to that visitor. Your task as an affiliate is to help your visitor decide what to buy.

One successful technique is to gradually lead your visitor towards a purchase.
+ Start by outlining a problem
+ Discuss a good solution that has worked for you
+ And end the article with a link that is a call to action, such as a hyperlink that says, "Find out more here."

Your task as an affiliate is NOT to sell (that's the merchant's job) but to presell, to warm up your visitors. You want your visitors in a ready-to-buy frame of mind when they arrive at the merchant's site.

The affiliate links have to be hidden. Search on my blog, i have article about how to hide affilitate link. Someone does not like affilitate link. Therefore they will go directly to website and you will not earn any commision.

7. Place AdSense ads on your site
Earn more money from adsense. It is free to sign up. But do not cheat google.

8. SEO and Link Building
Link to other sites. Choose sites that have similar or related themes, and invite those sites to link to you. This is hugely important. Search engines love sites that have many links to them – especially if those links come from sites which are themselves popular. Now you see why I said build a useful, interesting web site. If you do that, people are more likely to link to your site.
Here are some techiniques
+ Anchor text: To search engines, anchor text is very important. So chose it carefully
+ directories and niche directories: List your site in major directories:
Looksmart (probably too expensive)
Best of the Web

+ Write articles: If you have article in high pagerank, trusted article site, your site will also trusted and have higher pagerank and is well-known

The last not least: Be patient. Some first few months, It is very difficult to earn money but you will succeed later.

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