Saturday, November 22, 2008

Getting Affiliate Marketing Started - Affiliate Marketing is Easier than you Think

Hi! I work with thousands of affiliates on a yearly basis and I am always recruiting and talking to webmasters about how to do affiliate marketing effectively and generate killer revenue. Its really all about putting up pages on your site or posting on your blog about the affiliate offers you are representing and including the affiliate banners on the particular post or a text link under the post. Unique content on all pages is a must. Try to write as grammatically correct as possibly as well. If you have you ad units arranged well on your site in 3-5 ad placement areas, you should be able to build pages or posts in order to get organic traffic related to the offers you are promoting. As webmasters become less impressed with Google Adsense revenues they are looking more and more for affiliate programs to replace them. Often times, affiliate offers yield better than adsense anyways. When looking for offers I find that CJ's EPC system is a pretty good gauge for how well an affiliate program converts. But you have to keep in mind that the EPC can be skewed if that advertiser has a lot of ppc affiliates which convert well. Inhouse affiliate programs are great because you can work with their affiliate managers and beat them up for a higher payout after you have produced for them. Once you have decided on the affiliate programs you will market you then have to either launch a new site or blog or create a section on your current sites to promote the merchant by name or the products they sell. If you post daily and acquire some inbound link to your sites/blogs you will start to generate some good organic traffic. You are then on your way to affiliate income! This is a simplified explanation of affiliate marketing but I think necessary for all the beginner! Comment on this post if you have question about it. Good luck

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