Saturday, November 1, 2008

How to add blog/website to gogle search engine

Google add and update new sites to their index each time they crawl the web. In order to let they know your sites, you have to submit your website URL at: But they may not add all URLs in your site and index all of them. But we should do it to let google search engine know your site.

To let them know your site, enter your full URL, including the http:// prefix. For example: You may also add comments or keywords that describe the content of your page. These are used only for our information and do not affect how your page is indexed or used by Google.

Please note: Only the top-level page from a host is necessary; you do not need to submit each individual page. Google crawler, Googlebot, will be able to find the rest. Google updates its index on a regular basis, so updated or outdated link submissions are not necessary. Dead links will 'fade out' of our index on our next crawl when we update our entire index.

See the following video made in by me to learn step by step

Add Site To Google Search - For more funny movies, click here

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