Saturday, November 1, 2008

Google Adsense Tutorial - Part 1

How To Make More Money With Google AdSense
Google wants a slice of your traffic. And they're willing to pay big bucks! For those who have been complaining of high traffic and low sales, there's simply no better way to cash in on those hard-earned visitors to your web pages.

AdSense makes it so easy!
There's no complicated software to install, no need to scout for affiliates, nothing to buy and no need to even have a merchant account. So…Why isn't everybody doing this? More importantly, why isn't everybody making the most of it?

It's "Hidden Money"
"Seeing is believing", they say. Most webmasters love to obsessively track their visitors, earnings and CTR's several times a day. They love to see what's there, but they often miss what can be. AdSense doesn't give you ultimate control over which ads are served, how the ads are rotated or what each click is worth. That's a good thing, because it's hands-free income. But many webmasters still think that once you've stuck the AdSense code onyour page, there's little you can do except wait and watch.

So, the first step is register your website with google adsense:
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