Saturday, November 29, 2008

Make Money Online: Keyword SEO

We shall use the site: to show you how easy SEO is, and that it can be done free. CCNA are our main focus. First thing you need to do is find which keywords are being searched for. The two keyword research tools we use are: ( when it works )

Searching on these sites to find the most popular search keyword. These are the keywords we want to target. But other searched for terms are collections, faqs and collectors, so we will want to use these keywords too. This will improve keyword densitity, which we will explain in future blogs.

Keywords of single words is useful to attract the general audience and helps in getting high ranks,if the web site is new. Keywords of single words should be used more in the root level pages or top level domain pages. This is because these pages are the ones that attract the general traffic & are generally the pages which do not specify specifics. Hence single word keywords based on themes can be targeted for on these pages.

Keywords of multiple words are useful to attract a targeted audience, therefore should be used topic wise for each page according to subject of that web page. Relevant set of Keywords should be use in Title tag, Header Tag, Meta tag, Body tag, Alt tag, Anchor tag, Comment tag and in the url of that specific web page. Use underscore or hyphen to differentiate Keywords. These keywords are normally targeted upon in deeper level or sub directory level pages.

Keywords based on theme is useful to attract targeted audience therefore they are strongly recommended to be used. Typically, although it is not a hard and fast rule but in theme based keyword we use general keywords in root level and uses specific keyword in directory level.

Overall one can safely say that in keyword targeting one uses a dart board strategy. Wherein the smallest circle attracts your core audience & hence should have theme oriented multiple word keywords. As we move up on the theme (dartboard) the circle ( traffic) tends to get larger & the keywords tends to get simpler( singular) even though they are theme based.

Keywords and keyphrases used in domain names & urls of directory pages is also a factor in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well as it helps to inform the targeted audience, about the sites content. Therefore, special care should be exercised in choosing a domain name. All the search engines start reading each web page with its respective domain name.

Having said that, let me add that there is a raging debate amongst the seo community to determine the exact importance of keywords in the domain name. One camp believes that it is hugely important to have keywords in domain whereas the other maintains that brand building domain name is more important than keywords incorporating one.

When Keywords and Keyphrases are used in a Domain name then its called Keyword specific domain name. Keyword in the domain name to my mind has one advantage: It is better to have a keyword domain name for it is worth remembering that most of the people link to you using your URL. If your URL has the keyword or the keyphrase then you are automatically using the keyword in the very important anchor tag.

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