Saturday, November 1, 2008

google adsense tutorial - part-7

How To Make AdSense Work With Internet Communities
Maximize your AdSense Revenue from Internet Forums, Message Boards and Discussion Groups!

we mentioned making revenue from blogs. But blogs certainly aren’t the only types of content online or the only types that can use AdSense. In an active Internet Community, users generate most of the content. You cannot completely control the keywords or the topics, which means
AdSense might spring some surprises with the ads that show up. (Just have some Alternate Ads handy, in case AdSense pulls up a series of non-paying public service ads.)
Unlike passive surfers who like to explore your website for relevant information, forum members are very focused on their messages and the responses they attract. Many publishers that play host to Internet Communities complain of negligible CTRs, scattered keywords (low content relevance) and low cost per click. What they don't realize is that Internet Communities are a hidden goldmine which inspire fanatical loyalty, repeat visits, unique content and a high
level of user involvement with the content. Mega-brands such as Apple and Harley Davidson were built on the same foundation — a deep sense of personal bonding, high involvement with the product and strong referrals. You can achieve the same result with your website!
While all Internet Communities are not the same, they do have the same key strengths. You just need to recognize them and find new ways to cash in on them — as some savvy web publishers are doing already! On the next page you'll find a few ideas to spark off your imagination:

+ Forum Members are very focused on their topic of discussion. Ads that appear on the top, bottom or side margins of the page may not distract them from their main objective — which is to read and write the posts!

+ The best way to capture their attention is to put your ads at the end of the top posting on each page. Posts that appear on top are read more often, and usually set the tone for the rest of the discussion.

Many web publishers swear by Google's 728x90 leaderboard ad with two ads trailing top-of-the-page posts

+ What gets the most clicks in any forum?
The forum buttons of course! Put your ads close to these useful buttons, sought out by users to search threads, create a new thread or post a reply.
Without ever asking users to click, the heading "Deal of Day" turns the Google Ads into a recommended resource for finding the day's top deals. Impressive forum stats, such as the number of members, threads and posts appear alongside the ads, making them look more legitimate. The sheer number of users creates a sense of urgency to check them out before other
members get their hands on the coveted deals!

+ Make sure you apply the same text formatting as the usergenerated content. It's important to gain your users' attention first — then pitch your message when they're all ears!

+ Try putting the ads at the bottom of each post. If users spot the pattern and your click-throughs start to drop, try putting the ads at the bottom of every alternate post. The key is to keep them guessing!

+ Don't break up a post by putting ads in the middle. Since forums have user-generated content, people are more sensitive to these intrusions and might be offended if you make it seem as if the ads are their personal recommendations.

+ Don't lump a bunch of ads together in the middle of the page. It works well with 'passive' visitors, but your forum members will read right around them!

+ Allow users to pull up targeted ads with a Google Search Box! How often has a forum posting piqued your interest enough to launch a Google search? Once? Twice? All the time? If you're anything like me, the Google Search Box is an added convenience, welcomed by most users. It makes your visitors stay! And if they click an ad from the results page, you make money!

Which of these strategies will work for your Forums?
Only time can tell — but don't forget to track your results with Google's FREE AdSense Channels. There are publishers who have made a fortune with their community pages. It doesn't take rocket science. But a little persistence goes a long way!

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