Saturday, October 11, 2008

What is behind of making money online

Which ever way you seem to surf these days, it seems that everybody on the Internet cannot possibly have time to breath, because they are all busy making cash online. Fast. Every day we all receive zillions of spam emails, all claiming to either help us pay of our mortgage in two weeks, enlarge the size of our various organs, or help some despotic dictator move funds around from one off-shore bank to another. Even the slowest, most dim witted of us should by now have realised that all these things, legal or otherwise, are simply mechanisms for making money.

The thought of crosses many of our minds on a regular basis: If all these people are generating cash on the Internet for what appears a minimal outlay, could I please have a slice of the pie? Well you can't. Not very easily. You see, the fundamental problem is that those people who already have slices of the pie are not terribly willing to let you have any.

I know I ought to have a "proper" blog for writting this off-topic material - but I cant be phaffed at the moment, so I will stick it in here for now! I am not selling anything here: I'm just expressing my opinion.

Can you make money online?

Many methods of making money online on the Internet require a continuous and inexhaustible supply of stupid people. These stupid people pay money to the clever people. Now, the world has virtually limitless supplies of dim people. Recent estimates are around the 4 billion mark. However, only a finite number of these are likely to give up their money to Mr Pie Slice Owner on any given day. Those clever people who are taking the money off the stupid people are, unsurprisingly, very good at it. So good in fact, that the monumental effort for a relative newcommer to get up to their standard is borderline prohibitive. It just aint worth the effort unless you are very good at it.

The other side effect is that many of the methods of taking cash off stupid people are either vaguely illegal, or just downright very illegal. However, as you are taking the money from stupid people, you can happily work on the principle that they are too dumb to notice. Not. People have spent serious amount of time in Jail for this sort of thing.

So, keeping on the right side of the law, can you make online money on the Internet without going to great effort or dangerous risk? Possibly. The virtually guaranteed way to make money on the Internet is to have a fantastic idea, one which nobody else has ever had. Things like that kid who sold lots of pixels on a webpage. Because it was original (and had oodles of novelty value) he made a Lot of Money (TM). You have probably spotted the obvious flaw here. Clever ideas of that nature come along very rarely.

The other problem of having a cunning flash of inspiration is that it is almost 99.99% guaranteed that somebody else will have already though of it. And exploited it. The nth degree. Once any cash making scheme is devised is very rapidly reaches the point where only the best in the field make a profit any more.

Please note, I am not affilated with any of the silly schemes and rip-off ebooks available out there: I am just somebody in a position to look at these things in a holistic manner. I've certainly never "got rich quick" and I don't expect to either. I'm just passing along my thoughts on the subject.

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