Monday, October 27, 2008

Stumble good or bad?

StumbleUpon is a web browser plugin that allows its users to discover and rate webpages, photos, videos, and news articles. These webpages are typically presented when the user -- known within the community as a Stumbler -- clicks the "Stumble!" button on the browser's toolbar. StumbleUpon chooses which new webpage to display based on the user's ratings of previous pages, ratings by his/her friends, and by the ratings of users with similar interests. i.e. it is a recommendation system which uses peer and social networking principles. There is also one-click blogging built in as well. Users can rate, or choose not to rate, any webpage with a thumbs up or thumbs down, and clicking the Stumble button resembles "channel-surfing" the web. Toolbar versions exist for Firefox, Mozilla Application Suite and Internet Explore

Actually StumbleUpon adds bring a lot of traffic, but bounce rate is quite high: about 90% of the visitors just leave the site, and the average time on site is less than 20 seconds.

StumbleUpon is good for building your social networking profile and finding people in your field of interest. They just introduced the a feature you can see which stumbler's profile is close to yours and you can network with them.

In my opinion Social Media does not bring a lot of traffic in a short term.

It is good or bad depending on what your trying to accomplish - Stumble traffic can be GREAT - here's an example:

A software company that I was working for last year created software that would locate your laptop via a secure server every time someone used it to get online - This product could then help the Authorities catch laptop thief's!

We had a Link Bait article written about this... then used stumble traffic @ a $25 a day budget (which is STILL only .05 per click) = AWESOME....

So were we trying to sell software? Not really... we sold some because of the article and the advertising... but that WAS NOT our goal...

Crazy huh, not really link bait is meant to bring you IBL's (In Bound Links)

Since we only spent 8 days in the advertising area (for a grand total of $200 + the cost of my link bait article - mid $xxx.xx) we ended up at the end of our two week test w/ a few hundred new In Bound Links!

Keep in mind... all of those links are gained the CORRECT WAY! (according to Google) and how much would it cost to BUY 200+ links?

So to answer the original question... yeah Stumble is GREAT if you use it the right way

It can be bad because: Visitors from stumbleupon never click on adsense and never buy anything, bad traffic

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