Saturday, October 11, 2008

Make Money Typing

Earn Money Using Your Home PC.

While typing is no longer offered at most business schools or high schools, it is still a service much in demand. Doctors, lawyers and authors record notes and then seek professionals to help type those notes into legible documents. The formal name for this service is transcribing, and it is easy to get set up as a transcriber. Then you can start making money typing.

Making Money Typing

With the world almost completely online, there is little need for a typewriter, however typing is still a marketable skill. The faster you are able to type, the faster you can share ideas and commit your thoughts to the screen. Using those typing skills to put the thoughts of others in written form is a way to supplement or even replace your current income.

Most medical and legal professionals take copious notes while working. Surgeries and investigations are recorded and then the recordings later transformed into the written word. The same is true for the legal field. Despositions are taken from witnesses and clients on video or voice recorded, but there is almost always a pressing need for a written form of the recording. The current environment of lawsuits and legal proceedings make it even more necessary to have accurate documents.

If you are able to listen to what is recorded and then type that recording correctly using the computer, you are able to transcribe and your skill is in demand.

Becoming a Transcriber

To become a transcriber, you have a few options. One is to research and find legitimate companies that already offer this service. There is a steady demand for skilled individuals, and these companies will willingly take on new employees who show commitment to their work. Some may charge a fee for a start-up package. These companies require a bit of extra research to ensure that they are indeed selling you a package and future work, not just taking your money.

Another option to begin making money typing is to approach professionals in your area. Doctors, lawyers, security professionals, authors, police stations and similar locations all might have need of someone to transcribe notes and recordings.

It can be challenging to demonstrate your abilities if you don't have references, so consider offering your service on a trial basis if potential clients are skirmish. Remember that much of what you are potentially transcribing can have serious legal repercussions, so you should approach the material with the utmost care and understand the skepticism and caution of clients. It might be worthwhile to take a few classes to fine-tune your skills and gain references of instructors.

Once you have established yourself as accurate and trustworthy, be sure to maintain a set of references from past clients. Also ask for referrals to new clients as many in the legal and medical field are closely networked.

Over time you will have established an ongoing client base and steady work. Considering most transcribers make upwards of $30 per hour, you will be very nicely supplementing other income or even completely replacing it by working just a few hours a day.

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