Saturday, October 18, 2008

Google Adsense FAQ

What is a Channel?
Channel is a code that you can put on the site to record information of the Ad Units, links Adsense Units and search boxes. With channel, you'll know Ad color, Where ads should be placed and what type of ad should be used to achieve the highest efficiency.

Because i did not know TOS, I had clicked many times on the ad. What should I do?
The best way is for AdSense in e-mail address and explain to let them know.

Can we put images above or next to AdSense Ads?
It is possible, some experts believe that this will increase the percentage of CTR. But, you should ask google for sure.

The difference between CPM and CPC?
Cost-per-click (CPC) and Cost-per-thousand-Impression (CPM). When AdWords advertisers bid based on the CPM ads will compete with ads based on CPC to be able to appear on your website. Google Adsense will automatically appear template for ads that are paid more money on your website. If CPM ad appears on your site, you will be paid for each ad appears on your website and not each 1000 times.

For example, an AdWords advertisers pay $ 1000 for 1000 views their ad. If their ad appears on your website 1 time then you will receive $ 1

Can I put Amazon Ads webpage on the same page with google adsense?
It should be possible.

How many channel i can create?

Can I put Yahoo Ads or contextual advertising ads along with Google Ads on the same site ?
It is possible, BUT, you can not put it on the same page webpage. You can rotate each time appeared Ads for the program. Do not let them appear at the same time the top 1 page webpage.

When will I be able to get money?
Google will send you checks for about 30 days after the month ends and you must achieve $ 100.
For example, you earn $ 40 on July 1, $ 70 on July 2, Google will send you the check on March.

I did not receive a PIN.
Send an email to after 2 weeks later if you did not recieve PIN. Google sent PIN when you get the first $ 10.

I did not receive checks. Can I ask Google to sent again?
It is possible, send a request to Google 25 days after Google sent checks but you do not receive. If you choose to express, you can ask Google to send checks if you do not receive checks before 5 of each month.

Email addresses in Google and let them know the number of checks, release date, the amount of checks you want Google to send back to you. You can obtain this information in Payment History-> Description payment methods.

Is the high percentage of the CTR means that Google will be locked Adsense account?
This is not true unless you're Google deceptive. The rate of CTR let you know you have been very successful when optimizing website. One thing you can do is worry of clicks on Adsense skyrocketing compared with normal. If you normally receive 100 Clicks a day, and suddenly you get 500 Clicks, contact Google immediately.

The rate of CTR does a good?
It depends on the type of website. Some sites lot of difficulties to achieve the 1% CTR, a number of sites easily achieve 10% CTR.

CTR 100% higher, what happened?
Visitors can click on ads more than once.

How can I avoid account being locked?
- Make use patterns are Adsense Ads agree.
- Make confidential rate and CTR of your revenue.
- Stop placing Adsense on the registration page and thank you.
- Stop placing Adsense Code and programs Contextual text on the same page webpage.
- Stop encouraging people to click on ads.
- Stop self-click advertising.

How many ads can I put on a webpage?
You can put 1 link Units and 3 types of ad units.

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