Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Basic knowledge in google adsense

1. Identify your website content before make money online by google adsense.

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Trying to find good keyword phrases to target is a continual process if you are to succeed with your online marketing, if you don’t do any keyword research at all, then I’m affraid that you will struggle online.

If you’re trying to optimize a page for a popular keyword that has alot of competition, take a close look at the related keyword phrases.

For instance, let’s say you wanted to target the keyword “marketing”, that was searched for over 240,000 times on Overture alone in a month, there are 587,000,000 websites on Google competeing for that keyword, the keyword marketing is FAR too general and obviously has too much competition, sure if you got ranked #1 (would be very hard to do!) you’ll get a flood of traffic, but it wouldn’t be very targeted traffic.

Be more specific, target keyword PHRASES.

Let’s try “internet marketing” which was searched for 80,000 times on Overture in one month and has 62,800,000 sites on Google competing for the same phrase, that’s far better, not brilliant, but at least you’re more targeted now, but we need to drill down a little further to give us a fighting chance of getting good rankings on the search engines.

Now, under the keywords “internet marketing” over at Overture, searchers also used the following phrases:-

79764 internet marketing
6087 internet marketing online
4635 internet marketing strategy
2733 strategic internet marketing
2603 internet marketing consultant
2384 internet marketing consulting
2378 internet marketing service
2355 internet marketing tool
1929 internet marketing company
1855 internet web site marketing
1631 internet marketing san diego

There are many more phrases but I’m sure you get my point.

2. Use Google AdWords Sandbox
Use the Keyword Tool to get new keyword ideas

3. All your pages should focus on the topic defined in step 1.

4. Daily update your site ==> you will get more traffic and ads will be targeted.

5. Chose ads format:


6. Ads color: chose appropriate color. Find more in my post: http://make-money-earn-money-online.blogspot.com/2008/10/how-to-make-ctr-high.html

7. Place more ads but not too much.
Three banner, 2 search and one link unit. It is enough. With search, you should chose open new windows ==> you will not lose visitors.

8. Using adsense channel: Easy to track which page, keyword, position of ads is better.

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