Sunday, January 25, 2009

How To Know If You Are Getting CPM AdSense Ads??

How do you get CPM ads, indeed, what are CPM ads, and how can you tell if you are getting any on your site?

How Do You Get CPM Ads?
This is really very simple-you get CPM ads on your site if an AdWords advertiser, choosing to advertise with CPM ads, handpicks your site to advertise on. As AdSense help states:

Advertisers running CPM ads . . . select the specific sites on which to show their ads, and pay each time their ad appears.

Source: What are CPM ads? AdSense Help Center.

In the world of Google AdWords, the flip-side of AdSense, these ads are known as "site-targeted ads."

How Can You Tell If You Are Getting Any CPM Ads on Your Site?
You can very easily verify whether you are getting any CPM ads on your web site by using functionality built into AdSense's advanced reporting mechanism. Simply follow these instructions:

1. Log into your AdSense account
2. Click on the "Advanced Reports" link under the "Reports" tab
3. For the "Choose product" drop-down, make sure "AdSense for content" is selected
4. For the "Show data by" drop-down, mak sure you select "Individual Ad"
5. Check the box immediately below the "Show data by" drop-down, labeled "Show data by targeting type - contextual or site"
6. Select the Date Range you want to check for
7. Click the "Display Report" button
8. In the report results, you should see a column labeled "Targeting." If you are getting CPM ads, for some (or all) days you will see the word "Site" in this column, with a value in the "Ad Impressions" column. Any days that do not have a "Site" value as well as a "Contextual" value in the "Targeting" column did not get any CPM ads. (Note: "Contextual" in the "Targeting" column refers to the standard cost-per-click ads.)

Using this report, you can see that if you had some CPM.


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